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Laser engraving to match the magnetic clasps listed below. The price is per clasp.

From 10 clasps free sorted the engraving is free of charge.


Boley Superalloy Tweezers Assortment - Swiss Made

Four high quality Swiss Made tweezers of perfect quality, including noble wooden case with hard foam rubber inlay and new push function to protect the tweezers.

Non-magnetic tweezers in Ni-Cr-Mo superalloy, comparable to Taxal quality. The Boley Superalloy Tweezers are six times harder and more resistant than conventional non-magnetic stainless steel tweezers.

- 1x tweezer shape 2 Boley-Superalloy - 513420
- 1x tweezer shape 3 Boley-Superalloy - 513430
- 1x tweezer shape 4 Boley-Superalloy - 513440
- 1x tweezer shape 5 Boley-Superalloy - 513450
- 1x wooden box 513099

Weight: 205 g

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