HERMLE 241-033

BrandHERMLECaliber241-033Clock versionHeimuhrwerkMechanismPendel/GewichtszugVersionBim-Bam (3 Hammer seitlich)BatterySize85x98x32 mmSize60 mmMainspringMainspringMinuteHand2.0x2.0 mmHourhand4.5 mm


184015HERMLE241-033PL 85.0
184010HERMLE241-033PL 94.0
184020HERMLE241-033PL 114.0
184030HERMLE241-033PL 114.0Zifferblattmit. Gewichte+ Holzpendel


Part NocaliberdescriptionoriginalArtno.
B004-Kleinbodenrad Laufrad Pl. 114B004-00760800000400760
B006-Ankerrad Steigrad Pl. 114B006-01300800000601300
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