AS 1187

BrandASCaliber1187Size10 1/2FunctionSCVersionHands0,85x1,30Stem7213Stem (subs.)7214 wdStem (2 pce)Balance staff29506 INCaBalance staff (subs.)30509 SSRMainspring (subs.)1.6x9.0x0.10Mainspring (subs.)04486Battery


Part NocaliberdescriptionoriginalArtno.
100BMain plate jewelled920001001187
105BBarrel bridge920001051187
110BBarrel and train wheel bridge920001101187
121BScrew for balance bridge920001211187
125BPallet bridge920001251187
126BCenter wheel cock920001261187
1801158Barrel with drum + cover920001801158
182BBarrel with drum + cover920001821187
227BSweep second wheel920002271187
245BCannon pignon sweep sec. H = 270920002451187
255BHour wheel sweep second920002551187
260BMinute wheel920002601187
301BRegulator for flat hairspring920003011187
307984Rücker mit bewgl. Spiralklötzchen-Träger92000307984
3111475Rückerplättchen mit Stein920003111475
3301475Decksteinplättchen für Unruh920003301475
336964Decksteinplättchen oben für Ankerrad/Hemmungsrad92000336964
343BBearing plate f. sweep sec- wheel920003431187
346964Decksteinplättchen unten für Ankerrad/Hemmungsrad92000346964
401984Winding stem92000401984
401Winding stem8027213
401Aufzugwelle Ersatz8027214
407984Clutch wheel92000407984
410984Winding pignon92000410984
415BRatchet wheel920004151187
4201686Crown wheel920004201686
422BCrown wheel ring920004221187
425BClicking spring920004251187
430BClick spring920004301187
435BYoke spring920004351187
440984Yoke spring92000440984
443BSetting lever assembled920004431187
445= ST 1686Setting lever spring920004451686
450BSetting wheel920004501187
702BEscape wheel -pinion 2 end-piec.920007021187
703BEscape wheel -pinion 1 lower end-piec.920007031187
704BEscape wheel -pinion 1 upper end-piec.920007041187
705BEscape wheel -pinion straigt piv.920007051187
710BPallet fork -pinion 1 lower end-piec.920007101187
721BBalance cplt. -regulated920007211187
723BBalance staff ST -shock-absorber920007231187
723Balance staff, pivoted80230509
723Balance staff ST -shock-absorber80229506
728BBalance staff ST -shock-absorber920007281187
73075 / 80Roller9200073075
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