AS 1361

BrandASCaliber1361Size11 1/2FunctionSC-AUTVersionHands0,90x1,30Stem7101Stem (subs.)Stem (2 pce)Balance staff29707Balance staff (subs.)29609 INCAMainspring (subs.)1,45x8,5x0,10 AUTMainspring (subs.)3952-XBattery


Part NocaliberdescriptionoriginalArtno.
180Barrel with drum + cover920001801361
195= 1336Core and ratchet wheel, riveted920001951336
210= 1336Third wheel and pinion920002101336
218B (= 1336 )Third wheel for lower end-piece920002181361
227= 1336Sweep second pinion920002271336
401Winding stem8027101
407= 1336clutch wheel920004071336
443BSetting lever920004431361
445Setting lever spring920004451361
462BMinute train bridge920004621361
703BEscape wheel -pinion 1 lower end-piec.920007031361
705BEscape wheel -pinion straigt piv.920007051361
710BPallet fork -pinion 1 lower end-piec.920007101361
721BBalance cplt. -regulated920007211361
723Balance staff, pivoted80229609
723Balance staff ST -shock-absorber80229707
771Mainspring AUT sliding attachemnet82039520
771= 1162Mainspring AUT sliding attachemnet82036290
1480Reversing wheel025998
1481BReduction wheel AUT920014811361
1482BRatchet wheel driving wheel920014821361
1496BOscillating weight axleD= 0,60
1496BOscillating weight axleD= 0.75920014961361
1499Reverser connecting wheel920014991361
5415= 1336Screw for crown wheel920054151336
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