MST 522

BrandMSTCaliber522Size11 1/2FunctionSC-CLD-AUTVersionHands0,90x1,50Stem5926Stem (subs.)Stem (2 pce)5926 wd (2806)Balance staff28618Balance staff (subs.)Mainspring (subs.)1,30x10,50x0,11 AUTMainspring (subs.)Battery


Part NocaliberdescriptionoriginalArtno.
205= 520Center wheel drilled + cannon96300203520
210Third wheel583796300210522
227= 520Sweep second wheel611596300227520
242= 520Cannon pinion with driver527496300242520
250= 520Hour wheel H = 130474796300250520
401Winding stem8025926
404Winding stem -mouv.part8035926
407= 520Clutch wheel96300407520
410= 520Winding pignon with square hole298396300410520
705= 520Ankerrad96300705520
723Balance staff ST -shock-absorber80228618
1143BOscillating weight96301143522
1481BReduction wheel AUT- 638396301481522
1488BReversing wheel
2543= 521Intermediate date wheel No. 26386025998
2566=521Date corrector394096302566521
2576= 521Date jumper96302576521
2632= 521Date unlocking yoke332496302532521
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