Gucci 4900L

GroupBrandPart NoDescriptionitem no.
crystalGucci110.9SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL 4900L
crownGucci109.76SCROWN STEEL 4900L
bottom gasketGucci158.11935315811
glace gasketGucci155.A054CRYSTAL GASKET 4900L STEEL
handsGucci052.A207.1HDS H/M 4900L STEEL
othersGucci103.4900.2SCASE 4900L STEEL
Gucci108.19201BUCKLE 19MM STEEL
Gucci012.1062/H1MVMT RONDA 1062/H1 (W/321)
Gucci13.321BATTERY 321
Gucci152.4900.2SCASE BACK 4900L STEEL
Gucci154.99CASE TUBE 4900L STEEL
Gucci160.4900.2SCASING RING 4900L/STEEL
Gucci166.61SPRING BAR 4900L STEEL
Gucci168.93SCREW FOR BACK 4900L/6800L STL
Gucci950.110.4900CHUCK FITTING CRYSTAL 4900L(2)
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