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Pointed steel cutters

Busch pointed bur Fig. 5

Pointed bur 45° of tool steel with coarse teeth and straight cutting edges.
Shaft Ø 2.35 mm.
  • singly
    namefigurehead Øshaft Øversionitem No.
    burs, pointedFig. 50.90 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562709
    burs, pointedFig. 51.00 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562710
    burs, pointedFig. 51.20 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562712
    burs, pointedFig. 51.40 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562714
    burs, pointedFig. 51.60 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562716
    burs, pointedFig. 51.80 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562718
    burs, pointedFig. 52.10 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562721
    burs, pointedFig. 52.30 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562723
    burs, pointedFig. 52.50 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562725
    burs, pointedFig. 52.70 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562727
    burs, pointedFig. 52.90 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562729
    burs, pointedFig. 53.10 mm2.35 mmfine cutting562731
  • selection
    namefigurehead Øshaft Øcontentsversionitem No.
    burs, pointedFig. 50.90-3.10 mm2.35 mm12 piecesfine cutting562799

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