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Versatile multi-function tool from Swiss production with system and various application possibilities, such as:
- for turning the ETA mass rotor bearings in and out
- for screwing in and unscrewing the screwed tubes, as well as pushing sleeves
- for opening and closing battery covers
  • multifunction tool
    nameVersionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    special setrotor key + pusher tool15 insertsHorotec517590
    special setrotor key + pusher tool18 insertsHorotec517589
  • rotor key
    nameVersioncalibremanufactureitem No.
    rotor keywith 2 insertsETA 2890/7750Horotec510290
  • Adapter bits internal serration
    nameØVersionmanufactureitem No.
    bit insert1.50mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517572
    bit insert1.80mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517573
    bit insert2.65mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517574
    bit insert2.75mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517575
    bit insert2.95mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517576
    bit insert3.00mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517577
    bit insert3.00mmInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517578
    bit insertOME SEAMInternal multiplicity toothHorotec517579
  • Adapter bits external serration
    nameVersionoutside-ØInside-Ømanufactureitem No.
    bit insertExternal mulitplicity tooth4.35mm2.50mmHorotec517580
    bit insertExternal mulitplicity tooth4.50mm3.15mmHorotec517581
    bit insertExternal mulitplicity tooth4.30mm "P3"3.30mmHorotec517582
    bit insertExternal mulitplicity tooth5.00mm "P27"3.60mmHorotec517583
    bit insertExternal mulitplicity tooth5.50mm "P39"3.80mmHorotec517584
  • Adapter bits battery cap
    nameVersionmodelmanufactureitem No.
    bit insertbattery coverGentsHorotec517586
    bit insertbattery coverLadiesHorotec517587
    bit insertbattery coverMediumHorotec517588
  • Adapter bits rotor bearings
    nameVersioncalibremanufactureitem No.
    bit insertrotor bearingETA 2892-2897Horotec517591
    bit insertrotor bearingETA 2000/7750Horotec517592
  • hand grip
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    hand gripMetal handleHorotec517570

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