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biconvex loupe by Sternkreuzof dark green plastic setting with a colour ring to make identification easier. Good workmanship, with lenses Ø 25 mm - height 30 mm.
nameversionmagnificationstrengthcolouritem No.
watchmaker loupebiconvex2.5x4white510637
watchmaker loupebiconvex2.8x3 1/2yellow/white510636
watchmaker loupebiconvex3.3x3yellow510635
watchmaker loupebiconvex4.0x2 1/2blue/white510634
watchmaker loupebiconvex5.0x2Blue510633
watchmaker loupebiconvex6.7x1 1/2red/white510632
watchmaker loupebiconvex10x1red510631

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