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3M polishing discs

Habras polishing discs, mounted (shaft- Ø 2.35 mm)

For cleaning, pre-polishing and machining gold, silver, copper, tin and brass. Disc brushes with fine-grain polishing medium in polyamide. No addtional polishing agent is required for these discs: recommended speed 5.000 rpm.
  • fitted
    namecolourversiongrain sizeØPUitem No.
    Habras-polisheryellowmounted80 (coarse)19 mm1 piece570925
    Habras-polisherredmounted220 (medium)19 mm1 piece570924
    Habras-polisherBluemounted400 (fine)19 mm1 piece570923
    Habras-polisherPinkmountedpumice stone (very fine)19 mm1 piece570922
    Habras-polisherorangemounted6000 (gloss)19 mm1 piece570921
    Habras-polisherlight greenmounted8000 (high-gloss)19 mm1 piece570920
  • not fitted
    namecolourversiongrain sizeØPUitem No.
    Habras-polisheryellowunmounted80 (coarse)19 mm5 pieces570825
    Habras-polisherredunmounted220 (standard)19 mm5 pieces570824
    Habras-polisherBlueunmounted400 (fine)19 mm5 pieces570823
    Habras-polisherPinkunmountedpumice stone (very fine)19 mm5 pieces570822
    Habras-polisherorangeunmounted6000 (gloss)19 mm5 pieces570821
    Habras-polisherlight greenunmounted8000 (high-gloss)19 mm5 pieces570820
  • Top mandrels
    namefigureversionshaft Øitem No.
    disc-holderFig. 303Head-Ø 5mm2.35 mm563100
  • assortments
    nameadditionversionØcontentsitem No.
    Habras-polisherselectionmounted19 mm6 pieces570929

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