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Moebius Epilam Fixodrop ES

Almost all cases of uncontrolled oil-spread can be combated by the use of Fixodrop ES. Applying an epilam coating brings long-term assurance for minimum additional cost. It is indispensable if mechanisms have to remain functional with very thin, wide-temperature-range oils over a long period of time.

Fixodrop ES/BS was specially developed for the treatment of rubies, steel, brass and other metals. Suitable for mechanical watches and quartz movements of all sizes and designs.

Before the Fixodrop treatment, all parts must be cleaned and dried. This step is important and strongly influences the adhesion of the epilam. Fixodrop-treated anchor pallets should only be lubricated after a drying time of 1 to 2 minutes.

• Place the parts on the screen in the bottle.
• Close the lid.
• Turn the bottle upside down for 30s and shake gently to ensure the parts are well submerged.
• Turn the bottle back over and tilt it slightly to the side before opening it so that the liquid can flow out well.
• After immersion, let the parts drip off before removing them, after which they should be dried at approx. 60°C.

Product Name: Fixodrop ES / BS 8981 (formerly Fixodrop FK / BS 8941)

Technical data - solvent:
Active ingredient: fluorinated polyester
Solvent: fluorinated carbon
Density: 1.68 g/cm³
Boiling point: 56 °C
Flashpoint: non-flammable
Toxicity: non-toxic

Technical data - film:
Film thickness: approx. 0.01 – 0.05 µm
Surface tension: approx. 11 dyn/cm¹
Temperature resistant to 200 °C


descriptionFixodrop ES/BS-10

type8981 incl. sieve


contents10 ml

item No.581573

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