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  • cutting plier
    nameVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    Cutting plierfor quick-change spring barsBergeon160 mm517395
    Replacement tipBergeon517396
  • Bergeon - Soft
    nameVersionmagnificationstrengthitem No.
    watchmaker loupeSoft2.8x3 1/2510615
    watchmaker loupeSoft3.3x3510616
    watchmaker loupeSoft4.0x2 1/2510617
    watchmaker loupeSoft5.0x2510618
    watchmaker loupeSoft6.7x1 1/2510619
  • Bergeon with spring bar tool
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    watchmaker's knifemit FederstegwerkzeugBergeon510331
  • Gel casing cushion
    nameVersioncolourdiametermanufactureitem No.
    casing cushiongeltransparent55mmBergeon511243
    casing cushiongeltransparent75mmBergeon511244
  • Jaxa
    nameVersionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    case openerJaxa-MiniBig-SizeBergeon510307
  • Promo - Set
    nameVersiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    screwdriverAssortmentplastic etuiBergeon5 pieces510860
  • ring stick plastic
    namematerialextentring Øcolourmanufactureitem No.
    ring stickDelrin40 - 7613 - 25 mmblackBergeon507559
  • selection on revolving base
    nameVersiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    ScrewdriverAssortmentrotating baseBergeon9 pieces510875
  • Staubschutzglocke
    nameadditiondimensionsVersionitem No.
    Dust coverwith lidØ 88 x 75 mmincl. Casing cushion508788
    Dust coverwith lidØ 95 x 75 mmwith organizer508783
  • Pin extractor
    nameVersionmanufactureL x B x Hitem No.
    Pin extractoron baseBergeonØ 50 x 65mm510751
  • Pin extractors XL
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    Pin extractors XLAssortmentBergeon510780
  • hand setting tool - assortment
    nameVersionadditionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    hand-setting toolAssortmentwith baseBoley by Bergeon3 pieces513359
  • watchmaker-special
    nameVersionshapemanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersfür ZeigerPMC-2ABergeon115 mm513182
  • Winding Stick
    nameVersionseating Ømanufactureitem No.
    tool for windingWinding Stick2.5 - 10.0 mmBergeon511378
    rubber chucksingleBergeon609543
  • Rack-press
    namemanufactureVersionitem No.
    Rack-pressBergeongear train510300

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