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cowhide watchstraps with stitching, paddes with shiny surface

length: 115mm and 70mm
  • namemodelwidthcolourversionlengthitem No.
    leather strapIndios10 mmblacksmooth, with stitchLadies202701010
    leather strapIndios10 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701028
    leather strapIndios10 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701020
  • tapper to buckle width 8mm
    namemodelwidthcolourversionlengthitem No.
    leather strapIndios12 mmblacksmooth, with stitchLadies202701210
    leather strapIndios12 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701228
    leather strapIndios12 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701220
  • tapper to the buckle width 10mm
    namemodelwidthcolourversionlengthitem No.
    leather strapIndios14 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701428
    leather strapIndios14 mmlight brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701402
    leather strapIndios14 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitchLadies202701420
    leather strapIndios14 mmdark bluesmooth, with stitchLadies202701406
    leather strapIndios14 mmbordauxsmooth, with stitchLadies202701408
    leather strapIndios14 mmdark greensmooth, with stitchLadies202701419
  • tapper to the buckle width 12mm
    namemodelwidthcolourversionlengthitem No.
    leather strapIndios16 mmblacksmooth, with stitchGents202701610
    leather strapIndios16 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitchGents202701628
    leather strapIndios16 mmlight brownsmooth, with stitchGents202701602
    leather strapIndios16 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitchGents202701620
    leather strapIndios16 mmdark bluesmooth, with stitchGents202701606
    leather strapIndios16 mmbordauxsmooth, with stitchGents202701608
    leather strapIndios16 mmdark greensmooth, with stitchGents202701619
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