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Luxury Clean EC90

- suitable for soft stones and aluminium
- no hazardous material
- amoniac-free

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Elma Luxury Clean EC 90 (without ammonia)

The new power cleaner for sensitive materials!

EC 90 is an aqueous, neutral cleaning concentrate for cleaning jewellery and watch components (e.g. bezels, clasps, bracelets, ...). Moreover EC 90 hygienically refreshes the parts to be cleaned and ensures brillant cleaning results.

- Reliably removes wear dirt and polishing compounds
- Suitable for all metals from the watch and jewellery sector including aluminium
- Soft stones such as turquoise, amber, as well as pearls and corals can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath at 80 kHz or in an immersion bath
- Can be used in ultrasonic and immersion bath at 25-70 °C
- With gentle brightening effect and integrated corrosion protection
- Very economical: 1 l concentrate gives 50 l cleaning solution
- Pleasantly fresh scent
- Not dangerous goods

In ultrasound (tap water): 2-4% by volume at 25-70 °C - Cleaning time 2-15 min.
In ultrasound (softened water): 1-2 % by volume at 25-70 °C - cleaning time 2-15 min.
Immersion bath (tap water): 4 % by volume at 25-70 °C - cleaning time 2-15 min.
Longer immersion of components (tap water): 2 vol.% at room temperature - for several hours or overnight.

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Elma EC90cleaning concentrateElma1 litre508100

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