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elastic cord

Ideal for stretchable slip on jewellery such as bracelets, hair bands and children´s jewellery.

Simply stretch jewellery like a rubber band when putting it on or taking it off.

Stretch Magic returns to its original length. Suitable for pearls and stones from a borehole diameter of 0.50mm

  • nameØcolourlengthmaterialadditionitem No.
    Elastic cord0.5 mmtransparent25mElasticStretch Magic429121
    Elastic cord0.5 mmblack25mElasticStretch Magic429128
  • 3
    nameØcolourlengthmaterialadditionitem No.
    Elastic cord0,6mmtransparent25mElasticelastic thread429120
  • nameØcolourlengthmaterialadditionitem No.
    Elastic cord0,7mmtransparent25mElasticStretch Magic429123
  • nameØcolourlengthadditionmaterialitem No.
    Elastic cord0,8mmtransparent25melastic threadElastic429129
  • nameØcolourlengthmaterialadditionitem No.
    Elastic cord1.0 mmtransparent25mElasticStretch Magic429122
    Elastic cord1.0 mmblack25mElasticStretch Magic429138

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