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  • hand bushes selection
    namemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    selectionselection50 pieces057999
  • hand bushes singly
    nameVersionPerforationPUitem No.
    hand bushesMinute (Quartz)2.8x​3.5mm10/100057995
    hand bushesHour (Quartz)5.00mm10/100057990
    hand bushesMinute (Mechanic)2.0x​2.0mm10/100057985
    hand bushesHour (Mechanic)4.5mm10/100057980
    hand bushesMinute (Cuckoo)2.5x​2.5mm10/100057996
  • hand nuts selection
    namemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    selectionselection50 pieces057919
  • hand nuts singly
    nameVersioncolourmanufactureInside-Øitem No.
    hand nutopenyellowquartzM 3.5mm057900
    hand nutopenblackquartzM 3.5mm057901
    hand nutopenChromequartzM 3.5mm057902
    hand nutclosedyellowquartzM 3.5mm057910
    hand nutclosedblackquartzM 3.5mm057911
    hand nutclosedChromequartzM 3.5mm057912
    hand nutopenyellowmechanicalM 2.0mm057905
    hand nutopenblackmechanicalM 2.0mm057906
    hand nutopenChromemechanicalM 2.0mm057907
    hand nutopenyellowcuckooM 2.5mm057917

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