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Polishing wood from gentian

Finest polishing wood made of gentian to embellish the workpieces "Anglage". Ideal for decoration and final polishing. A polished bevel is created between the surface and flank, thus refracting the light and creating a mirror-like surface. The polishing wood can be used in combination with various polishing pastes or polishing powders. The gentian wood is denser than the elder pulp and considerably more flexible than the plaster wood from boxwood or hornbeam.

The bevel is first created with a steel polishing file and then finished with Degussit stones or fine polishing film. The polish is then completed with the gentian wood.

Contents: 1 bunch (approx. 20 pieces)
Length: approx. 120 mm

namepolishing wood

Wood typegentian

unit1 bunch

item No.513879

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