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Watchmaker Standard

Tweezers made of carbon steel, extremely hard alloy (> 59 HRC) with very strong tips. This alloy is magnetic and cannot be sterllilized.

Antimagnetic Tweezers ideal for work on magnetic fields. Very good hardness with 95% insensitivity to magnetism. Temperature resistant up to 400°C. 95% antimagnetic. Sterilizable at 270°C.

Tweezers made of patented elastic special alloy. Corrosion and acid resistant. Temperature resistant up to 500°C. 100% antimagnetic.

High-end tweezers with excellent resistance to corrosion and acids. Temperature resistant up to 800°C. 100% antimagnetic. Hardness of 290 HV. Comparable with Taxal quality.

  • Shape 00
    Geneva pattern, thin tips.
    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon00dickDumont115 mm513000
  • Shape 1

    Strong tips.

    Application: Standard working tweezers.

    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon10% antimag.Dumont120 mm513010
    tweezersDumoxel195% antimagneticDumont120 mm513012
    tweezersDumostar1100% antimagneticDumont120 mm513013
    tweezersSuperalloy1100% antimagneticBoley120 mm513410
  • Shape 2

    Strong tips.

    Application: Working tweezers with long and robust tips.

    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon20% antimag.Dumont120 mm513020
    tweezersDumoxel295% antimagneticDumont120 mm513022
    tweezersDumostar2100% antimagneticDumont120 mm513023
    tweezersSuperalloy2100% antimagneticBoley120 mm513420
  • Shape 3
    Thin tips.
    Application: Working tweezers for fine work
    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon30% antimag.Dumont120 mm513030
    tweezersDumoxel395% antimagneticDumont120 mm513032
    tweezersDumostar3100% antimagneticDumont120 mm513033
    tweezersSuperalloy3100% antimagneticBoley120 mm513430
  • Shape 4

    Very thin tips.
    Application: for fine work on hairspirngs

    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon40% antimag.Dumont110 mm513040
    tweezersDumoxel495% antimagneticDumont110 mm513042
    tweezersDumostar4100% antimagneticDumont110 mm513043
    tweezersSuperalloy4100% antimagneticBoley110 mm513440
  • Shape 5

    Extremely thin tips.
    Application: for fine work on hairspirngs

    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon50% antimag.Dumont110 mm513050
    tweezersDumoxel595% antimagneticDumont110 mm513052
    tweezersDumostar5100% antimagneticDumont110 mm513053
    tweezersSuperalloy5100% antimagneticBoley110 mm513450
  • Shape 7
    Strong curved tips
    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon70% antimag.Dumont115 mm513070
  • Form 10
    namematerialshapeVersionmanufacturelengthitem No.
    tweezersCarbon70% antimag.Dumont115 mm513070
    tweezersCarbon10/00% antimag.Dumont110 mm513075

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