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stem extender

Winder stem extensions in various versions.
  • winding stem extenders

    Winder stem extensions with the same or differing inside and outside measurements. Swiss made.

    content: 10 pce per unit

    nameoutside-ØVersioninside diameteritem No.
    winding stems0.60 mmExtensions0.60 mm049950
    winding stems0.70 mmExtensions0.70 mm049951
    winding stems0.80 mmExtensions0.80 mm049952
    winding stems0.90 mmExtensions0.90 mm049953
    winding stems1.00 mmExtensions1.00 mm049954
    winding stems1.20 mmExtensions1.20 mm049956
    winding stems0.70 mmExtensions0.90 mm049961
    winding stems0.90 mmExtensions0.70 mm049957
    winding stems0.90 mmExtensions0.80 mm049958
    winding stems0.90 mmExtensions1.20 mm049959
    winding stems1.20 mmExtensions0.90 mm049960
  • winding stem extenders, male

    Winder stem tops with positive flange. Swiss made.

    content: 3 pce per unit


    nameVersionthread ØHead-Øbaseitem No.
    winding stemstop positive0.90 mm1.20 mmnormal049990
    winding stemstop positive1.00 mm1.20 mmnormal049991
    winding stemstop positive1.10 mm1.30 mmnormal049992
  • winding stem extenders, female

    Winder stem extensions with negative flange

    content: 3 pce per unit

    nameVersionthread ØHead-Øitem No.
    winding stemstop negative0.90 mm1.20 mm049980
  • winder top Omega

    Winder stem extensions with negative flange

    content: 1 pce per unit

    nameVersionitem No.
    winding stemsOmega049988
  • winder top Mido

    Winder stem extensions with negative flange

    content: 3 pce per unit

    nameVersionthread Ømanufactureitem No.
    winding stemstop negative0.90 mmMido049989
  • Set of winder stem extensions
    useful selection of winder stem extensions for immediate availability in your workshop. Swiss made.
    nameVersiondimensionscontentsitem No.
    winding stemsExtensions0.60 - 1.20 mm106 pieces049999

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