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in various versions.
  • horn anvil
    namedimensionsweightitem No.
    silversmith anvil110x​28x​42mm400g506544
  • horn anvil
    namedimensionsweightitem No.
    silversmith anvil100x​75mm1115g506540
  • tinsmiths anvil, finely polished
    nameVersionsurfacedimensionsitem No.
    tinsmiths anvilcurved trackfine polished80x​80mm502004
    tinsmiths anvilflat trackfine polished80x​80mm502005
  • Bench Anvils
    nameVersiondimensionsweightitem No.
    Bench Anvilgeschmiedet475x​95x​200mm35kg506547
    Bench Anvilgeschmiedet550x​110x​220mm50kg506548
  • Anvil
    namedimensionsweightitem No.
  • Flat anvil
    namedimensionsweightitem No.
    square flat anvil60x​60x​20mm680g506525
    square flat anvil80x​80x​20mm1240g506526
    square flat anvil100x​100x​20mm1920g506527
  • felt underlay
    nameVersiondimensionsitem No.
    felt supportfor anvils and board irons120x​120x​20mm502890
  • lead block
    namedimensionsweightitem No.
    lead block120x​80x​20mm2190g502892
  • Planishing punches
    nameBasis-ØStamp-Øitem No.
    flatting press90mm78mm506536

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