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Watch Expert III

With the handy Watch Expert III (Watch Matic III) watch measuring and testing device, the measured values for rate variation, amplitude and beat error are automatically calculated and displayed numerically. The beat number of all current watch movements is detected automatically. For watches with a special escapement, the Watch Expert III tests and measures using appropriate measuring modes. The multifunctional Watch Expert III watch measuring device saves a measurement of five values on the screen which can be retrieved at a later stage.
  • Watch Expert III
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    watch testerWitschiWatch Expert IIIstand microphone695139
    power supplyWitschistandard230V695136
  • microphone
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    stand microphoneWitschimanuellMechanic695137
    barrelWitschifor stand-microphone695138
  • microphone anchorage
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    microphone anchoragestandardWitschi695196
    microphone anchoragewith rotating wheelWitschi695197
  • sound- and dust-protection
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    sound protection boxfor Micromat P. S. CWitschi695181
  • clamping microphone
    namemanufactureitem No.
    clamping microphoneWatch-Matic695142
  • optical sensor
    namemanufactureitem No.
    optical sensorWatch-Matic695145
  • software
    namemanufactureversionitem No.
  • Martel MCP-7830 / MCP-7810
    namemanufacturetypeitem No.
    thermal printerMartelMCP-7830 / MCP-7810695188

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