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  • Hand setting tools
    nameVersionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    hand-setting press3 runnerswith Delrin insertsBoley511621
    hand-setting press4 runnerswith Delrin insertsBoley511623
  • intermediate plates
    namePivotplate Øitem No.
    intermediate plate3.25 mm31 mm511627
    intermediate plate3.25 mm45 mm511628
  • inserts delrin
    nameVersiondrill-hole Øoutside-Ømanufactureitem No.
    delrin stakeQuickchange0.30 mm4.90 mmBoley511720
    delrin stakeQuickchange0.50 mm4.90 mmBoley511721
    delrin stakeQuickchange0.90 mm4.90 mmBoley511722
    delrin stakeQuickchange0.95 mm4.90 mmBoley511723
    delrin stakeQuickchange1.35 mm4.90 mmBoley511724
    delrin stakeQuickchange1.70 mm4.90 mmBoley511725
    delrin stakeQuickchange2.10 mm4.90 mmBoley511726
    delrin stakeQuickchangeflat4.90 mmBoley511729
  • inserts metal
    nameVersiondrill-hole Øoutside-Ømanufactureitem No.
    metal stakeQuickchange0.30 mm4.90 mmBoley511750
    metal stakeQuickchange0.50 mm4.90 mmBoley511751
    metal stakeQuickchange0.90 mm4.90 mmBoley511752
    metal stakeQuickchange0.95 mm4.90 mmBoley511753
    metal stakeQuickchange1.35 mm4.90 mmBoley511754
    metal stakeQuickchange1.70 mm4.90 mmBoley511755
    metal stakeQuickchange2.10 mm4.90 mmBoley511756
    metal stakeQuickchangeflat4.90 mmBoley511759
  • insert ss
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    stake SDexcentricBoley511613
  • broaches assortment
    nameVersioncontentsmanufactureitem No.
    Broaches Setwith delrin inserts8 piecesBoley511739
  • exchanging broaches
    nameVersioncolourmanufactureitem No.
    broacheincl. springredBoley511730
    broacheincl. springGreyBoley511731
    broacheincl. springblackBoley511732
    broacheincl. springBlueBoley511733
    broacheincl. springyellowBoley511734
    broacheincl. springGreenBoley511735
    broacheincl. springVioletBoley511736
    broacheincl. springBrownBoley511737

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