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watchmakers tool kit

Watchmaker's tool kit - Petitpierre "Tradition" - The collectors' dream gift.

Fans of watchmaking, its history and the high-precision know-how that surrounds it, many personalities have already fallen under the spell of this watchmaking box.

It has already been ordered in a non-leather version by the Dalai Lama himself. Or, more recently, by Sir Jony Ive, former vice-president and designer of Apple products, for his personal use and a second copy for a famous friend... A formidable paradox for this man who designed the Apple Watch but who remains deep down a fan of mechanical watchmaking.

Highest standard of material, quality, manufacture and processing of watchmaking tools. High quality and exclusive tool kit from the precious forge of the Petitpierre. Pamper yourself and bring your heart to the lawn, with each opening of the suitcase.

Tool kit "d'outillage horlogers - Tradition"

- 1x Bunch cleaning sticks (Boxwood) Ø 2mm / L = 150mm
- 3x Component boxes with glass cover Ø 24 - 33 - 40mm
- 1x Tweezers Form F (for hands)
- 1x Tweezers Form 1 (antimagnetic)
- 1x Tweezers Form 5 (antimagnetic)
- 1x Leather buffing stick 6mm made of Macassar-Ebony
- 2x Hand setting tool with two inserts Ø 0.6 - 1.0 / 1.5 - flat
- 1x Pin punch with 5 inserts
- 1x Microfiber cloth
- 1x Watchmaker knife with ebony cheeks
- 1x Mounting cushion 70 x 50 x 15 mm
- 1x Pair of hand levers made of Macassar-Ebony
- 1x Watchmaker's loupe Macassar-Ebony 2.5x
- 3x Pin vices 0.20-1.00 / 1.20-1.50mm / 1.50-2.00mm
- 1x Watchmaker hammer made of ebony 75mm L = 230mm
- 1x India grinding stone 10x10mm L = 100mm
- 1x Cleaning brush made of Macassar ebony with squirrel hair
- 1x Plate with holes made of polished stainless steel with 18 holes
- 1x Lug-setter made of Macassar-Ebony
- 1x Cleaning compound (Rodico blue)
- 1x Assembly tool made of Makassar ebony with Delrin tip
- 1x Macassar ebony dustblower
- 1x Torque screwdriver with external setting 5-55 mNm
- 6x Screwdrivers made of Macassar-Ebony
(0.50 - 0.80 - 1.00 - 1.20 - 1.40 - 2.00mm)
- 6x tubes with 2 spare blades each

namewatchmakers tool kit




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