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hearing aid batteries

Audio zinc / air cells are reliable and long-lived hearing aid batteries for high-performance (push-pull) and standard hearing aids. Zinc is the active component. A protective foil closes off the air inlet holes of the cells. When this is removed, the zink is reacting with the air and decontrol the power.
    • Energizer
      Hearing aid batteries by Energizer
      namebrandcomparisonsystemdimensionsvoltsitem No.
      AZ10EnergizerPR10/10AE/PR70zinc-air5.8 x 3.61.4304102
      AZ13EnergizerPR13/13AE/PR48zinc-air7.8 x 5.31.4304052
      AZ312EnergizerPR312/312AE/PR41zinc-air7.8 x 3.61.4304152
      AZ675EnergizerPR675/675AE/PR44zinc-air11.6 x 5.31.4304202
    • Sony
      Hearing aid batteries by Sony
      namebrandcomparisonsystemdimensionsvoltsitem No.
      AC10/PR70SonyPR70/10AE/V10ATzinc-air5.8 x 3.61.4374102
      AC13/PR48SonyPR48/13AE/V13ATzinc-air7.8 x 5.31.4374052
      AC312/PR41SonyPR41/312AE/V312ATzinc-air7.8 x 3.61.4374152
      AC675/PR44SonyPR44/675AE/V675ATzinc-air11.6 x 5.31.4374202
    • Renata
      namebrandcomparisonsystemdimensionsvoltsitem No.
      ZA10RenataPR10/10AE/PR70zinc-air5.8 x 3.61,45354102
      ZA13RenataPR13/13AE/PR48zinc-air7.9 x 5.41,45354052
      ZA312RenataPR312/312AE/PR41zinc-air7.9 x 3.61,45354152
      ZA675RenataPR675/675AE/PR44zinc-air11.6 x 5.41,45354202
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