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Cowhide leather strap for aviator chronographs.

Vegetable lining and upper leather from ecological tanning, brushed buckle, stitched.

Standard length: 115mm and 80mm

  • namemodelwidthcolourVersionitem No.
    LederbandMokka18 mmbeigesmooth, with stitch202601802
    LederbandMokka18 mmblacksmooth, with stitch202601810
    LederbandMokka18 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitch202601818
    LederbandMokka18 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitch202601828
  • namemodelwidthcolourVersionitem No.
    LederbandMokka20mmbeigesmooth, with stitch202602002
    LederbandMokka20mmblacksmooth, with stitch202602010
    LederbandMokka20mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitch202602018
    LederbandMokka20mmdark brownsmooth, with stitch202602028
  • namemodelwidthcolourVersionitem No.
    LederbandMokka22 mmbeigesmooth, with stitch202602202
    LederbandMokka22 mmblacksmooth, with stitch202602210
    LederbandMokka22 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitch202602218
    LederbandMokka22 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitch202602228
  • namemodelwidthcolourVersionitem No.
    LederbandMokka24 mmbeigesmooth, with stitch202602402
    LederbandMokka24 mmblacksmooth, with stitch202602410
    LederbandMokka24 mmreddish brownsmooth, with stitch202602418
    LederbandMokka24 mmdark brownsmooth, with stitch202602428

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