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special inserts

Special inserts for opening various types of case backs, e.g. OME, BREIT, B & M, CIT., RLX and more.

The special inserts can be combined with the Insert holders, as well as with all common case opener presses.
  • AQUA
    nameVersionoutside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    insert5 pins35.00mmAQUA1 piece510351
    nameVersionInside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    insert12 edges36.00mmwide1 piece510110
    insert15 edges34.00mmwide1 piece510111
    insert15 edges35.00mmwide1 piece510112
    insert15 edges36.00mmwide1 piece510113
    insert15 edges37.00mmwide1 piece510114
    insert15 edges38.00mmwide1 piece510115
    inserts-setAssortmentallwide6 pieces510119
    inserts-setAssortmentwide18 pieces510190
  • B&M
    nameVersionoutside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    insertFine toothing25.00mmB&M1 piece510241
    insertFine toothing30.00mmB&M1 piece510242
    insertFine toothing33.00mmB&M1 piece510243
    insertsFine toothingalleB&M3 pieces510402
  • OME
    nameVersionoutside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    insert5 pins20.00mmOME1 piece510140
    insert5 pins30.00mmOME1 piece510141
    insert5 pins33.00mmOME1 piece510142
    insert5 pins42.00mmOME1 piece510143
    inserts5 pinsalleOME4 pieces510149
  • PAN
    nameVersionInside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    insert12 edges30.60mmPAN1 piece510120
    insert12 edges35.55mmPAN1 piece510121
    insert12 edges39.00mmPAN1 piece510122
    insert12 edges42.50mmPAN1 piece510123
    inserts12 edgesallPAN4 pieces510125
  • RX
    nameVersionoutside-Ømanufacturecontentsitem No.
    InsertFine toothing18.50mmRX1 piece510130
    InsertFine toothing20.20mmRX1 piece510131
    InsertFine toothing22.50mmRX1 piece510132
    InsertFine toothing26.50mmRX1 piece510133
    InsertFine toothing28.30mmRX1 piece510134
    InsertFine toothing29.50mmRX1 piece510135
    InsertFine toothing34.00mmRX1 piece510137
    InsertFine toothing36.50mmRX1 piece510136
    InsertsFine toothing18.50-36.5mmRX8 pieces510403
  • chuck holder, only
    nameVersionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    handlehand twist gripHorotec1 piece510295

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