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Case opener and closer with hand-wheel
  • Horotec easy
    nameadditionmanufactureVersionitem No.
    case openerSwiss-MadeHorotecUniversal510352
  • Horotec special
    nameadditionmanufactureVersionitem No.
    case openerSwiss-MadeHorotecUniversal + 7 suction heads510401
  • Horotec de-luxe
    nameadditionmanufactureVersionitem No.
    case openerSwiss-MadeHorotecUniversal + 7 suction heads + 6 RX + 3 B&M510400
  • Horotec multi
    nameVersionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    case openerhand lever + 7 suction headsHorotecSwiss-Made510399
    case openerHand lever + 7 Suction stamps + 6 RX + 3 B&MHorotecSwiss-Made510409
  • Horotec indstry
    nameVersionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    case openerindustryHorotecSwiss-Made510085
  • case holder
    nameVersionclamping areamanufactureitem No.
    Case holderincl. 4 inserts70mmHorotec510298
    Clampslarge modelHorotec510299
  • Torque adapter
    nameVersionTorquefeeditem No.
    TorqueControladapter320 cNmBREIT + RX510161
    TorqueControladapter320 cNmOME510160
  • suction dies
    namecontentsdiametermanufactureVersionitem No.
    suction dies7 pieces16-40 mmHorotecAssortment510269
    suction dies1 piece16 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510261
    suction dies1 piece20 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510262
    suction dies1 piece23 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510263
    suction dies1 piece26 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510264
    suction dies1 piece30 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510265
    suction dies1 piece34 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510266
    suction dies1 piece40 mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510267
    suction dies1 piece45mmHorotecAdipren/aluminium510268
  • Superior vice
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    ViceUpper partHorotec510205
  • replacement jaws
    nameVersionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    replacement jawsHoleHorotecPU 2 pieces510208
    replacement jawsEdgesHorotecPU 2 pieces510206
    replacement jawsCuttingHorotecPU 2 pieces510207
    replacement jawsRX (Generic)HorotecPU 2 pieces510209
    Replacement ChucksHole - longHorotecPU 2 pieces510348

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