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work aids

  • cotton gloves
    nameversionsizematerialPUitem No.
    cotton glovesdecoration glovessmallcotton3 pairs507140
    cotton glovesdecoration glovesmediumcotton3 pairs507141
    cotton glovesdecoration gloveslargecotton3 pairs507142
  • working gloves
    Premium work gloves STRONG Hand Yumen in fine knit with PU fingertips.
    nameversionsizematerialcolourPUitem No.
    work-glovesPU fingertipsS (7)fine knityellow3 pairs507690
    work-glovesPU fingertipsSM (8)fine knitBrown3 pairs507693
    work-glovesPU fingertipsM (9)fine knitblack3 pairs507691
    work-glovesPU fingertipsL (10)fine knitBlue3 pairs507692
  • leather finger-stalls
    namesizematerialPUitem No.
    finger cots1 - smallleather1 pair507171
    finger cots2 - mediumleather1 pair507172
    finger-stalls3 - largeleather1 pair507173
  • finger-stalls, powder-free
    nameversionsizecolourPUitem No.
    finger-cotsstandardMNatural100 pieces507182
    finger-cotsstandardLNatural100 pieces507183
    finger-cotsanti-staticMPink100 pieces507187
    finger-cotsanti-staticLPink100 pieces507188
    finger-cotsanti-staticXLPink100 pieces507189
  • finger tape
    nameversionwidthitem No.
    finger tapefinger protection20 mm507178
  • safety glasses
    nameglassesversionitem No.
    protective glassescolourlesswith side protection510592
    protective glassescolourlesswith supplementary lens 2.5x510589
    protective glassesdk. greenwith side protection510593
  • respiratory
    To protect the respiratory tract against fine dust particles.
    nameapplicationversionProtection classPUitem No.
    respirator masklight particlesCool-Flow valveFFP110 pieces507682
    respirator maskheavy particlesCool-Flow valveFFP31 piece507680
    respirator maskgases & vaporsmaintenance-freeFFABE1P3D1 piece507685

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