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polish holder

Specially developed for the watch industry polishing holder with ball bearings and threaded receptacle M16. Increase the height of vices or collets, cases, bezels or casebacks can easily be polished, brushed or sanded. Workpieces are precise means of cone and centrally clamped and can be kept without heat transfer. The polishing holder rotates at the same speed as the polishing device and start if it comes into contact with it.
  • polish holder for rings
    nameversionKonusmanufactureitem No.
    polish holderfor rings12 - 25 mmBoley506890
    devicefor polishing machine506892
  • Universal holder Horotec
    namemanufacturespanversionitem No.
    universal holderHorotec14 - 34 mmSwiss Made510349
    universal holderHorotec25 - 50 mmSwiss Made510345
  • polish holder with vice
    nameversionseating Øspanitem No.
    Polishing holderincl. clamping attachmentM16 Right14 - 34 mm693540
    Polishing holderincl. clamping attachmentM16 Right25 - 50 mm693543
    Polishing holderincl. clamping attachmentM16 Left14 - 34 mm693541
    Polishing holderincl. clamping attachmentM16 Left25 - 50 mm693544
  • polish holder singly
    nameversionseating Øitem No.
    Polishing holdersingleM16 Right693550
    Polishing holdersingleM16 Left693551
  • vices
    nameversionseating Øspanitem No.
    universal vicesingleM16 Right14 - 34 mm693555
    universal vicesingleM16 Right25 - 50 mm693557
    universal vicesingleM16 Left14 - 34 mm693556
    universal vicesingleM16 Left25 - 50 mm693558
  • collets
    nameversionseating Ødimensionscontentsitem No.
    collet setInside clampingM16 Right20 - 35 mm4 pieces693580
    collet setInside clampingM16 Left20 - 35 mm4 pieces693581
  • holding pliers wood
    nameversionitem No.
    ring-holder plierswood517420
  • Polishing holder with Delrin inserts
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    polsihing holderfor ringswith Delrin inserts517423
  • Tweezers for polishing
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    tweezerfor strap linkswith fixationBergeon517397

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