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Energizer MAX - Alkaline Batteries
- Power with no risk – no leakage – guaranteed!
- First alkaline battery without mercury
- Holds power up to 10 years

Energizer MAX Plus - Alkaline Batteries
- Most powerful alcaline battery
- Up to 13% higher performance
- Extrem shelf life with up to 12 years

  • Micro AAA
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    micro blisterEnergizer MaxAAA / LR03Alkaline1.510.5 x 44.5300030
    micro looseEnergizer Max PlusAAA / LR03Alkaline1.510.5 x 44.5300034
  • Mignon AA
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    mignon blisterEnergizer MaxAA / LR6Alkaline1.514.5 x 50.0300060
    mignon looseEnergizer Max PlusAA / LR6Alkaline1.514.5 x 50.0300064
  • Baby C
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    baby blisterEnergizer MaxC / LR14Alkaline1.526.2 x 50.0300140
    baby looseEnergizer Max PlusC / LR14Alkaline1.526.2 x 50.0300144
  • Mono D
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    mono blisterEnergizer MaxD / LR20Alkaline1.534.2 x 61.5300200
  • 9V block
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    9V-block blisterEnergizer Max6LR61Alkaline9.026.5 x 17.5300220
  • Piccolo AAAA
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    piccolo blisterEnergizer MaxLR61Alkaline1.58.3 x 42.5300610
  • Normal 4.5V
    namebrandtypesystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    normal blisterEnergizer Max3LR12Alkaline4.562.0 x 22.0300120
  • Lady LR1
    namebrandsystemvoltsdimensionsitem No.
    Lady BlisterEnergizer MaxAlkaline1.512,00 x 30,20305900

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