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protective sheets

Protective foil for glass or case backs. Gives the customer an impression of care being taking when repairs are handed in.
  • elastic
    for damage-free removing of hands, bezels or opening the case bottoms.
    nameVersionØitem No.
    protection filmelastic60 mm508490
    protection filmelastic85mm508492
  • round self-adhesive
    self-adhesiv - for case-backs - with red stripe
    nameVersionØcontentsitem No.
    protective filmself-adhesive20 mm100 pieces507971
    protective filmself-adhesive25 mm100 pieces507972
    protective filmself-adhesive30 mm100 pieces507973
    protective filmself-adhesive40 mm100 pieces507974
    protective filmself-adhesive45 mm100 pieces507975
    protective filmself-adhesive20 mm1000 pieces/roll508471
    protective filmself-adhesive25 mm1000 pieces/roll508472
    protective filmself-adhesive30 mm1000 pieces/roll508473
    protective filmself-adhesive40 mm1000 pieces/roll508474
    protective filmself-adhesive45 mm1000 pieces/roll508475
  • round static
    Electrostatic - for glasses -
    nameVersionØcontentsitem No.
    protective filmelectrostatically30 mm100 pieces507976
    protective filmelectrostatically40 mm100 pieces507977
    protective filmelectrostatically45 mm100 pieces507978
    protective filmelectrostatically30 mm1000 pieces/roll508476
    protective filmelectrostatically40 mm1000 pieces/roll508477
    protective filmelectrostatically45 mm1000 pieces/roll508478
  • DIN-A4 static
    For the protection of watches, bracelets or chains.
    nameVersiondimensionsPUitem No.
    protective filmelectrostatically297x​210 mm5 pieces507979
  • rolls static
    namecolourVersiondimensionscontentsitem No.
    protective filmtransparentelectrostatically60mm / 50m1 spool508740
    protective filmtransparentelectrostatically80mm / 50m1 spool508741
  • rolls anti-static
    namecolourVersiondimensionscontentsitem No.
    protective filmBlueanti-static20mm / 100m1 spool508744
    protective filmBlueanti-static30mm / 100m1 spool508745
    protective filmBlueanti-static50mm / 100m1 spool508746
    protective filmBlueanti-static80mm / 100m1 spool508747
    protective filmtransparentanti-static30mm / 100m1 spool508749
    protective filmtransparentanti-static50mm / 100m1 spool508750

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