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tube -hole 1.10

Crowns, water-resistant with gasket on the neck of the crown, Japanese shape

Shape: 811

drilled hole 1.10

nameversionshapedimensionsbarrelcolouradditionitem No.
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 5M04NA12.5x​0.61.10yellowLength 3.35mm98425M04NA1
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 98430M98NA13.0x​0.61.10yellowLength 3.25mm98430M98NA1
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 30MA2NA13.0x​0.61.10yellowLength 3.45mm98430MA2NA1
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 32M29NA13.2x​0.61.10yellowLength 3.45mm98432M29NA1
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 30M98NS13.0x​0.61.10steelLength 3.25mm98430M98NS1
crownJapan stlyeSEIKO 32M29NS13.2x​0.61.10steelLength 3.25mm98432M29NS1

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