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    Find the right spare parts for your watch repair in our extensive database of SEIKO case parts.

    We have stored more than 750,000 watch models in this reference book and provided them with over 320,000 case parts. Find out the availability and price for your repair and simply order the desired spare parts with a mouse click.

    • Watch glasses
    • crowns
    • pushers
    • gaskets
    • Other case parts

    Click on the menu item Reference and after entering the watch model you will receive a list of the installed spare parts.

  • stems
    namemanufacturecalibrepart No.thread Øreplaceabilityitem No.
    winding stemsSeiko1F20351-8070.60 mm1N00,1N01,YL609840351807
    winding stemsSeiko3E23351-5460.60 mm3Exx,4Hxx,3Y02-09,V894,V8999840351546
    winding stemsSeiko5D22351-5120.80 mm5D449840351512
    winding stemsSeiko5Y23351-1050.80 mm5H22,5H239840351105
    winding stemsSeiko5M22351-6530.80 mm5M23,5M42,5M43, 5M62, 5M639840351653
    winding stemsSeiko7A28354-7280.80 mm7A489840354728
    winding stemsSeiko7D48351-5100.80 mm7D56,7D469840351510
    winding stemsSeiko7N01351-8900.80 mmV700,VX509840351890
    winding stemsSeiko7S26351-2600.90 mm9840351260
    winding stemsSeiko7T32351-5800.80 mm7T34,7T36,7T42,7T52,Y182,5T529840351580
    winding stemsSeiko8F32351-1960.90 mm8F359840351196
    winding stemsSeikoV110351-8610.80 mmV114, V1169840351861
    winding stemsSeikoV174351-5860.80 mmV1759840351586
    winding stemsSeikoV181351-8600.80 mmV182m,V1879840351860
    winding stemsSeikoV400351-1550.60 mmV401,4N00,4N019840351155
    winding stemsSeikoV533351-7020.80 mm9840351702
    winding stemsSeikoV722351-8920.80 mm7N2x,7N3x,7N8x,VX329840351892
    winding stemsSeikoV810354-3650.80 mmV8119840354365
  • selection
    most common assortment for SEIKO, MORIOKA and SHIOJIRI movements
    nameVersionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    winding stemsAssortmentSeiko-Pulsar-Shiojiri36 pieces98403549

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