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screw in

  • shape 10 (cylindrical)
    Pushbutton to screw in "cylindrical"
    Package contains 2
    namethread Øhead Øcolouritem No.
    pushers2.50 mm4.00 mmblack049381
    pushers2.30 mm4.00 mmsteel049400
    pushers2.50 mm4.00 mmsteel049401
    pushers2.50 mm4.50 mmsteel049402
    pushers2.50 mm5.00 mmsteel049403
    pushers2.75 mm4.00 mmsteel049405
    pushers2.75 mm4.50 mmsteel049406
    pushers2.75 mm5.00 mmsteel049407
    pushers2.30 mm4.00 mmyellow049410
    pushers2.50 mm4.00 mmyellow049411
    pushers2.50 mm4.50 mmyellow049412
    pushers2.50 mm5.00 mmyellow049413
    pushers2.75 mm4.50 mmyellow049416
    pushers2.75 mm5.00 mmyellow049417
  • shape 20 (antique)

    Screw-in pushbutton "antique"
    Two in a package
    namethread Øhead Øcolouritem No.
    pushers2.50 mm4.00 mmsteel049320
    pushers2.50 mm4.00 mmyellow049330
  • shape 30 (RLX knurled)
    Screw-in pushbutton "RLX"
    Packed singly
    namethread Øhead Øcolouritem No.
    pushers2.50 mm5.50 mmsteel049324
    pushers2.50 mm5.50 mmyellow049334

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