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The world of work-chairs, whether simple wooden or high-quality medical chairs of the Sitag or Vector brands.
  • Dauphin Tec basic
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working stoolDauphinTec basicw/o. upholstery610145
    working stoolDauphinTec basicwith upholstery610146
  • Dauphin Tec profile
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairDauphinTec ProfilePartial upholstery610140
    working chairDauphinTec Profilefull upholstery610141
    working chairDauphinTec ProfilePU upholstery610144
  • Dauphin Ergonomic
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairDauphinErgonomic BasicSyncro-Activ-Balance610137
    working chairDauphinErgonomic SUVSyncro-Activ-Balance610138
    working chairDauphinErgonomic ESDSyncro-Activ-Balance610139
  • Sitagwave
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairSitagSitagwavesPrInG-moTIon & FloW-TEc610158
  • HAG Capisco Puls 8010
    namemanufacturemodelversionSeat hightitem No.
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8010Partial upholstery39-53cm610180
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8010Partial upholstery45-64cm610181
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8010Partial upholstery54-79cm610182
  • HAG Capisco Puls 8020
    namemanufacturemodelversionSeat hightitem No.
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8020full upholstery40-54cm610185
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8020full upholstery47-64cm610186
    working chairHAGCapisco Puls 8020full upholstery55-80cm610187
  • Bioswing Balance saddle seat
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairBioswingBalance saddle seat3D-seat mechanism610170
  • Bioswing Balance classic
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairBioswingBalance Classic3D-seat mechanism610172
  • Bioswing 350iQ
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairBioswing350iQ3D-seat mechanism610174
  • Bioswing works
    namemanufacturemodelversionitem No.
    working chairBioswingworks3D-seat mechanism610176
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