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Nacre Pearls

Nacre Pearls

Created to look and feel like the real thing. Nacre Pearls contain a cystal core coated in several layers of nacre which gives gives them their signature silky-smooth finish.

Excellent for the price-conscious repair of costume jewelry.


  • Starter range Nacre Pearls
    nameVersiondescriptionØcontentsitem No.
    Perlenfull pearlcreated pearls4,0-12,0mm10 pairs490899

  • Single Nacre Pearls according to Ø, 1 hole drilled
    namedescriptionVersionØPUitem No.
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl4.0 mm10490814
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl5.0 mm10490815
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl6.0 mm10490816
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl8.0 mm2490818
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl10.0 mm2490810
    Perlencreated pearlsfull pearl12.0 mm2490812

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