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different spring bar assortment with and without flange
  • Swiss Made


    Assortment spring bars Swiss Made in different diameters

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedB/228mm - 20mm120 pieces075699
    spring barsassortedB/218mm - 22mm120 pieces075679
    spring barsassortedB/2310mm - 22mm120 pieces075609
    spring barsassortedB/2322mm - 40mm120 pieces075608
    spring barsassortedB/XL20 mm - 30 mm50 pieces075619
  • Economic


    Assortment spring bars Economic in different diameters


    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedH/22 (Ø 1.3mm)10mm - 22mm120 pieces075599
    spring barsassortedH/21 (Ø 1.5mm)10mm - 22mm120 pieces075579
    spring barsassortedH/23 (Ø 1.8mm)12mm - 24mm120 pieces075509
    spring barsassortedH/21 + H/22 + H/236mm - 24mm690 pieces075668
  • without flange


    Assortment spring bars without flange in different diameters

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedC/158mm - 20mm120 pieces075859
    spring barsassortedC/128mm - 22mm120 pieces075849
    spring barsassortedC/18mm - 24mm120 pieces075659
  • for screwing


    Band pins assortment for screwing

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedG/210mm - 22mm45 + 30 pieces045829
    spring barsassortedG/110mm - 24mm36 + 30 Stück045809
  • RLX


    Special spring bars for RLX

    nameversionshapelengththreadcontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedPR/2 - PR/613.00 - 20.00 mm100 pieces075909
    bracelet screwsassortedPR/88.80 -19.50mm0.80-1.40mm90 Pieces049889
  • for clasps


    Assortment spring bars for clasps 

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedC/168mm - 20mm120 pieces075869
    spring barsassortedB/34 + B/31 + B/38mm - 22mm300 pieces075719
  • for reveting


    Assortment for bars for riveting

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    spring barsassortedG/1210mm - 22mm45 + 30 pieces045859
  • for reveting


    Assortment for bars for safety brackets

    nameversionshapefrom - tocontentsitem No.
    barsassortedS/1212mm - 26mm55 + 50 pieces045709
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