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Cleaning fluids

Special cleaning preparations reduce the surface tension, promote cavitation, wet the goods to be cleaned, and can dissolve or absorb dirt and contaminants. Rinsing is always essential after cleaning to rinse away residues of cleaning agent.

*** Household cleaners, acids and fluoride-containing cleaners are unsuitable and can cause pitting corrosion to equipment failure! ***
  • Bonflair Jewellery Cleaner 1:20
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Jewellery Cleaner 1:20Cleaning concentrateBoley1 litre507280
    Jewellery Cleaner 1:20Cleaning concentrateBoley5 litre507281
  • Bonflair Watch Cleaner 1:20
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Watch Cleaner 1:20Cleaning concentrateBoley1 litre507285
    Watch Cleaner 1:20Cleaning concentrateBoley5 litre507286
  • Oxid-Ex Surface Deoxidation
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Oxid-Exdeoxidation & picklingBoley1 litre507290
  • Luxury Clean EC95

    • Easy removal of polishing pastes and dirt arrising from wearing
    • Powerful brightening effect
    • Very efficient cleaning concentrate:
    • Without toxic ammonia fumes
    • Odourless
    • Applicable in ultrasonic and immersion bath at 25-75 °C

    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Elma EC95Cleaning concentrateElma1 litre508086
    Elma EC95Cleaning concentrateElma5 litre508088
    Elma EC95Cleaning concentrateElma10 liter508089
    Elma EC95Cleaning concentrateElma25 liter508091
  • Luxury Clean EC90
    - suitable for soft stones and aluminium
    - no hazardous material
    - amoniac-free
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Elma EC90Cleaning concentrateElma1 litre508100
    Elma EC90Cleaning concentrateElma5 litre508101
    Elma EC90Cleaning concentrateElma10 liter508102
    Elma EC90Cleaning concentrateElma25 liter508103
  • Elma Red 1:9
    Note: Hazardous product
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Elma Red 1:9Cleaning concentrateElma1 litre508003
    Elma Red 1:9Cleaning concentrateElma5 litre508004
    Elma Red 1:9Cleaning concentrateElma10 liter508005
    Elma Red 1:9Cleaning concentrateElma25 liter508006
  • Galvex SU 737
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    Galvex SU 737Cleaning concentrateNGL1 litre508105
    Galvex SU 737Cleaning concentrateNGL5 litre508106
    Galvex SU 737Cleaning concentrateNGL25 liter508107
  • RW77
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    RW77Cleaning concentrateTickopur1 litre508060
    RW77Cleaning concentrateTickopur5 litre508061
    RW77Cleaning concentrateTickopur10 liter508062
  • J80U
    Note: Hazardous product
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    J80U deoxidising fluiddeoxidant (bath)Tickopur1 litre508066
    J80U deoxidising fluiddeoxidant (bath)Tickopur5 litre508067
  • Ultra-Poon
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    mordantdeoxidation & picklingUltrapoon S1 litre507857
  • Dispensing Taps
    nameversionthread Øitem No.
    Dispensing Tapsfor 5 liter canister41,1mm/45,1mm507229
    Dispensing Tapsfor 5 liter canister50,2mm/54,8mm508048
    Dispensing Tapsfor 30 liter canister55,6mm/60,5mm508043

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