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Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

These vacuum pumps are for the use of watchmakers, goldsmiths, engravers and opticians. With their high performance suction they ensure the cleanness essential at your workbench.
  • vacuum pumps
    nametypeVersionmotor outputsuction performanceitem No.
    vacuum pumpVP-3single place180 watt4.0 m³/h611220
    vacuum pumpVP-3two-place180 watt4.0 m³/h611221
    filter cartridgeVP-3611219
  • vacuum-changeover jets
    nametypeadditionVersionitem No.
    vacuum changeover jetVenturiwith foot pedalsingle place609434
    vacuum changeover jetVenturi substructurewith foot switchsingle place611254
    Push-in connectorReduction8mm/6mm611253
  • vacuum stations
    nametypeVersionmotor outputsuction performanceitem No.
    vacuum pumpPico< 10 workstations370/440 watts10,0/12,0 m³/h611200
    vacuum pumpPico< 15 workstations550/650 watt17.0/20.5 m³/h611202
    vacuum pumpPico< 25 workstations750/900 watt27,0/32,0 m³/h611204
  • accessories vacuum station
    nameVersionpipe external Øitem No.
    plug-in threaded connectionquick couplingG3/8-16 mm611205
    plug-in connectionY-pieces16 mm/12 mm611206
    plug-in connectionreducer12 mm/8 mm611207
    high-pressure hosemain supply line16 mm611209
  • hand pieces
    nameVersionconnectionitem No.
    vacuum hand-pieceanodised aluminium8mm - straight611256
    vacuum hand-pieceanodised aluminium6mm - straight611255
    vacuum hand-piece 45°anodised aluminium6mm - cranked611268
  • brushes
    nameVersionmaterialtypeitem No.
    vacuum brushhardnylon bluefor vacuum hand piece611258
    vacuum brushnormalnylon whitefor vacuum hand piece611257
    vacuum brushsoftBadger hairfor vacuum hand piece611260
    vacuum brushvery softmarten hairfor vacuum hand piece611259
    vacuum nozzleshortplasticfor vacuum hand piece611265
    vacuum nozzlelongplasticfor vacuum hand piece611266
  • vacuum pipe
    namecolouroutside-Øinside diameterPUitem No.
    PVC hosetransparent8 mm5.5 mmper metre695429
  • vacuum filter
    nameVersionadditionitem No.
    vacuum filter50 µmf. 8 mm tube611262
    filter cartridge50 µmreplacement filter611263
  • T-piece
    nameVersionpipe external Øitem No.
    T-piecequick coupling8 mm609487
  • air and vacuum system
    nameVersionadditionitem No.
    pressure-/vacuumBergeonincl. handpieces602444
    pressure-/vacuumBoleyincl. handpieces602443
  • table holder
    nameVersionitem No.
    bench-standHigh pressure / vacuum609477
  • stainless steel pipe
    nameVersionadditionitem No.
    stainless steel pipecurvedf. compressed air or vacuum602446
    counterweightØ 6.0 mmf. compressed air pipe602447
    counterweightØ 8.0 mmf. vacuum pipe602448

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