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Dispensing systems

Electronically controlled dispensing systems for the precise application of paints, screw locks and adhesives.

Application examples:

  • Vivacolor / Colorit colour systems
  • UV adhesives
  • Screw locks
  • Superglues
  • TS250 Dsipensing System
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    Dispensing systemcomplete setTS250696030
  • Loctite Dsipensing System
    nameVersionmanufactureitem No.
    Dispensing systemcomplete setLoctite 97006696450
  • Adapters
    nameVersioncontentsitem No.
    Cartridge adapter3cc incl. hose1 piece696031
    Cartridge adapter5cc incl. hose1 piece696032
    Cartridge adapter10cc incl. hose1 piece696033
    Cartridge adapter30cc incl. hose1 piece696028
  • Syringe barrels
    nameVersioncontentsitem No.
    Cartridges3cc - transparent50 pieces696034
    Kartuschen5cc - transparent50 pieces696035
    Kartuschen5cc - transparent50 pieces696036
  • Dispensing tips
    nameVersioncontentsitem No.
    NeedlesAssortment150 pieces696040
    Needles0,09 x 6,35mm - 34G50 pieces696042
    Needles0,10 x 6,35mm - 32G50 pieces696043
    Dosiernadeln0,15 x 12,7mm - 30G50 pieces696044
    Dosiernadeln0,20 x 12,7mm - 27G50 pieces696045
    Dosiernadeln0,33 x 12,7mm - 23G50 pieces696046
    Dosiernadeln0,40 x 12,7mm - 22G50 pieces696047
    Dosiernadeln0,50 x 12,7mm - 21G50 pieces696048
    Dosiernadeln0,61 x 12,7mm - 20G50 pieces696049
  • Accessories
    nameVersioncontentsitem No.
    End capsfor 3cc cartridges50 pieces696020
    End capsfor 5cc cartridges50 pieces696021
    End capsfor 10cc cartridges50 pieces696022
    O-ringsfor 3cc cartridge adapter10 pieces696023
    O-ringsfor 5cc cartridge adapter10 pieces696024
    O-ringsfor 10cc cartridge adapter10 pieces696025
    Tip capsfor needles50 pieces696026
    Tip capsfor cartridges50 pieces696027
    Pistonfor 3cc cartridges50 pieces696037
    Pistonfor 5cc cartridges50 pieces696038
    Pistonfor 10cc cartridges50 pieces696039

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