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shape - domed

MZL/MZG - rectangular version (domed)
namedimensionsthicknessradiusversionitem No.
MZL220 x 1601.0040domed026980
MZL220 x 1601.0050domed026981
MZL220 x 1601.0060domed026982
MZL220 x 1601.0070domed026983
MZL220 x 1601.0080domed026984
MZL220 x 1601.00100domed026985
MZG300 x 2001.0040domed026960
MZG300 x 2001.0050domed026961
MZG300 x 2001.0060domed026962
MZG300 x 2001.0070domed026963
MZG300 x 2001.0080domed026964
MZG300 x 2001.00100domed026965
MZG350 x 2501.0030domed026969
MZG350 x 2501.0040domed026970
MZG350 x 2501.0050domed026971
MZG350 x 2501.0060domed026972
MZG350 x 2501.0070domed026973
MZG350 x 2501.0080domed026974
MZG350 x 2501.00100domed026975
MZG370 x 2801.0040domed026990
MZG370 x 2801.0050domed026991
MZG370 x 2801.0060domed026992
MZG370 x 2801.0070domed026993
MZG370 x 2801.0080domed026994
MZG370 x 2801.00100domed026995
MZG430 x 3201.0060domed026952
MZG430 x 3201.0080domed026953
MZG430 x 3201.00100domed026954

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