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Chain-wheels for Black Forest clocks, including matching brass-plated clock-chains.
  • Black Forest clocks
    nameoutside-ØStar-ØNumbers of teethRatchet wheel-ØHole-Øliftitem No.
    clock chain wheel30.0mm25.0mm625.0mm4.1mmleft099100
    clock chain wheel30.0mm25.0mm625.0mm4.1mmright099102
  • stand and wall clocks
    nameoutside-ØStar-ØNumbers of teethRatchet wheel-ØHole-Øliftitem No.
    clock chain wheel48.5mm43.0mm832.0mm6.0mmleft099104
    clock chain wheel48.5mm43.0mm832.0mm6.0mmright099106
  • Hermle
    namemanufacturecalibreversionitem No.
    chain wheelHermle241-xxx(GW),451-xxx,1151-xxx (GW + 4/4 SW)walking mechanism + 4/4 strike800001300250
    chain wheelHermle241-xxx (SW), 451-xxx,1151-xxx (SW)strike800001300260
    chain wheelHermle261-xxx (GW)walking mechanism800001300470
    chain wheelHermle261-xxx (SW)strike800001300480
    chain wheelHermle461-xxx (GW + 4/4 SW), 1161-xxxwalking mechanism + 4/4 strike800001302270
    chain wheelHermle461-xxx (SSW), 1161-xxxHour-strike800001302280
    chain wheelHermle471-xxx (GW), 1171-xxx (GW)walking mechanism800001301420
    chain wheelHermle471-xxx (SW), 1171-xxx (SSW)Hour-strike800001301430
  • Kieninger
    namemanufacturecalibreversionitem No.
    chain wheelKieningerRU, RKwalk clock820010090000
    chain wheelKieningerRU, RKSW820010091000
    chain wheelKieningerRU, R, K4/4820010209000
    chain wheelKieningerSK, S, LGW + 4/4820011360000
    chain wheelKieningerSKSW820011364000
  • SBS / Regula
    namemanufacturecalibreversionitem No.
    chain wheelSBS / Regula25walking mechanism087400
    chain wheelSBS / Regula25strike087401
    chain wheelSBS / Regula34walking mechanism087402
    chain wheelSBS / Regula34strike087403
    chain wheelSBS / Regula35walking mechanism087480
    chain wheelSBS / Regula35strike087481
    chain wheelSBS / Regula661walking mechanism087470
    chain wheelSBS / Regula661strike087471
  • Junghans
    namemanufacturecalibreversionitem No.
    chain wheelJunghans748walking mechanism080400

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