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Vivacolor Tighter

The Vivacolor Tighter ensures air-free curing of metals. It serves as a protective layer/protective lacquer for watch cases or jewelry that are exposed to high stress. After treatment with the Vivacolor Tighter, the colors can be polished or sanded down further. The Vivacolor Tighter ensures optimum light reflection and maximum gloss.

Content: 1000ml

A good mechanical polish gives Vivacolor a very nice shine. Alternatively, to achieve the maximum gloss, the last smear layer that has not yet been removed can be hardened in heated glycerine oil. This results in no micro-scratches on the surface, optimum light reflection and thus optimum gloss. Mechanical polishing is not necessary with this method.

First, the tighter (glycerine oil for Vivacolor), is filled into a suitably large glass container, into which the part or at least the Vivacolor inlay to be glossed can be completely immersed. The glass should not be completely filled, but still have room for the part to be immersed. After the tighter has been filled into the glass container, the glycerine oil is heated to approx.
60 °C.

When the temperature is reached, the part must be immersed very slowly into the heated tighter. If the part is immersed too quickly, the Vivacolor smear layer may slip and the surface may become uneven. As the surface cannot be subsequently straightened with this polishing process as it can with mechanical grinding and polishing, the Vivacolor surface including the smear layer should already be as even as possible before dipping.

The smear layer can then be cured. To do this, the blue light source should be held as close as possible to the smear layer to be cured inside the glass from outside the glass filled with tighter and, conversely, the smear layer inside should be held as close as possible to the glass wall to the outside of the blue light source. Depending on the strength of the blue light used, the process can take about 30-120 seconds.

When the smear layer has completely hardened, the process is complete.




contents1 litre

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