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  • nickeled steel
    namematerialsquaresizeunititem No.
    clock keysnickeled steel2.00mm001 pair050020
    clock keysnickeled steel2.25mm01 pair050022
    clock keysnickeled steel2.50mm11 pair050025
    clock keysnickeled steel2.75mm21 pair050027
    clock keysnickeled steel3.00mm31 pair050030
    clock keysnickeled steel3.25mm41 pair050032
    clock keysnickeled steel3.50mm51 pair050035
    clock keysnickeled steel3.75mm61 pair050037
    clock keysnickeled steel4.00mm71 pair050040
    clock keysnickeled steel4.25mm81 pair050042
    clock keysnickeled steel4.50mm91 pair050045
    clock keysnickeled steel4.75mm101 pair050047
    clock keysnickeled steel5.00mm111 pair050050
    clock keysnickeled steel5.25mm121 pair050052
    clock keysnickeled steel5.50mm131 pair050055
    clock keysnickeled steel6.00mm151 pair050060
  • brass
    namematerialsquaresizeunititem No.
    clock keysbrass2.00mm001 piece050320
    clock keysbrass2.50mm11 piece050325
    clock keysbrass3.00mm31 piece050330
    clock keysbrass3.50mm51 piece050335
    clock keysbrass4.00mm71 piece050340
    clock keysbrass4.25mm81 piece050342
    clock keysbrass4.50mm91 piece050345
    clock keysbrass5.00mm111 piece050350
  • steel long shaft
    long shank - traditional style
    namematerialsquaresizeunititem No.
    clock keysSteel, long shank3.50mm51 piece050135
    clock keysSteel, long shank4.00mm71 piece050140
    clock keysSteel, long shank4.50mm91 piece050145
    clock keysSteel, long shank5.00mm111 piece050150
    clock keysSteel, long shank5.50mm131 piece050155

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