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smooth (gold)

nameØFittingalloytypeunititem No.
coin setting16,6 mm1 Pfenning,1CentYG 585/-smooth1720200165
coin setting17.0 mm5 GoldmarkYG 585/-smooth1720200170
coin setting19,0 mm5 Pfenning,2 CentYG 585/-smooth1720200190
coin setting20,1 mm10 Goldmark,1 DukateYG 585/-smooth1720200200
coin setting21,5 mm10 pfenning, 5 centYG 585/-smooth1720200215
coin setting22,5 mm25 Goldmark, 2 RandYG 585/-smooth1720200225
coin setting25,0 mm25 Peseten,50 centYG 585/-smooth1720200250
coin setting26,2 mm2 EuroYG 585/-smooth1720200262
coin setting27,0 mm2 DMYG 585/-smooth1720200270
coin setting29,5 mm5 DMYG 585/-smooth1720200300
coin setting33,0 mmKrügerrandYG 585/-smooth1720200330
coin setting38,2 mmCommemorative coinYG 585/-smooth1720200382
coin setting40,1 mmYG 585/-smooth1720200400

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