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extension chains

Extension chains

  • light

    Curb-chain round with ball and lobster clasp. Length approx. 65,0mm and ball diameter 4,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain4,7x​6,3mmstainless steellightweight, ball, lobster clasp1/5465811
    extension chain4,7x​6,3mmS 925/-lightweight, ball, lobster clasp1/5465011
    extension chain4,7x​6,3mmtitaniumlightweight, ball, lobster clasp1/5465511
  • light

    Wide arm chain with ball. Length ca 75,0mm and ball diameter 5,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmS 925/-lightwight/ball1/5465002
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmdoublé yellowlightwight/ball1/5465302
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmDouble Roselightwight/ball1/5465902
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmYG 375/-lightwight/ball1/5465102
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmYG 585/-lightwight/ball1/5465202
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmYG 750/-lightwight/ball1/5465402
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmWG 590/-lightwight/ball1/5465602
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmWG 750/-lightwight/ball1/5465702
  • heavy

    Wide arm chain with ball. Length ca 75,0mm and ball diameter 5,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain4,0x​5,5mmS 925/-heavy-white/ball1/5465001
    extension chain4,0x​5,5mmYG 375/-heavy-white/ball1/5465101
    extension chain4,0x​5,5mmdoublé yellowheavy-white/ball1/5465301
  • wide

    Wide arm chain with ball. Length ca 75,0mm and ball diameter 5,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain4,9x​6,5mmS 925/-wide / ball1/5465007
    extension chain4,9x​6,5mmDouble yellowwide / ball1/5465307
  • light

    Wide arm chain with ball. Length ca 58,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmstainless steelleicht1/5465803
  • light

    Wide-neck chain with pearl cup. Length approx. 58,0mm. Bead cup diameter 4.0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain3,5x​5,5mmS 925/3lightweight, pearl cup1/5465004
    extension chain3,5x​5,5mmsilver gold-platedlightweight, pearl cup1/5465304
  • light

    Wide chain with loop. Length ca 75,0mm. Loop 6,0x9,0mm.

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmS 925/-leight-weight, loop1/5465003
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmdoubléleight-weight, loop1/5465303
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmYG 333/-leight-weight, loop1/5465103
    extension chain3,0x​4,5mmYG 585/-leight-weight, loop1/5465203
  • with magnetic closure

    and lopster clasp

    namesizealloytypePUitem No.
    extension chain80,0 mmS 925/-lightweight with magnetic clasp1/5465015
    extension chain80,0 mmS 925/- gold-platedlightweight with magnetic clasp1/5465315
  • with magnetic closure

    and bolt ring

    namecapsule ØalloytypePUitem No.
    spring rings3.0 mmS 925/-without collar1/5465023
    spring rings4.0mmS 925/-without collar1/5465024
    spring rings5.0mmS 925/-without collar1/5465025
    spring rings2.0mmS 925/-without collar1/5465022
    spring rings4.0mmsilver gold-platedwithout collar1/5465324
    spring rings5.0mmsilver gold-platedwithout collar1/5465325
  • assortments
    nameversionalloycontentsitem No.
    extension chainsfine + strongstainless steel12 pieces465890
    extension chainswith magnetic claspSilver + Silver gilt6 pieces465091

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