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key fobs

several keyrings and rounds.
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants21.0 mmS 925/-without chain1480001
    keyring pendants21,0 x 55,0 mmimitation/paste/fake silver-platedwith chain1480902
    keyring pendants21,0 x 55,0 mmS 925/-with chain1480002
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants34,0x​20,0 mmimitation/paste/fake silver-platedwithout chain1480903
    keyring pendants34,0x​20,0 mmS 925/-without chain1480003
    keyring pendants59,0x​20,0mmimitation/paste/fake silver-platedwith chain1480900
    keyring pendants59,0x​20,0 mmS 925/-with chain1480000
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants40,0x​26,0 mmimitation/paste/fake silver-platedwithout chain1480904
    keyring pendants67,0x​26,0 mmimitation/paste/fake silver-platedwith chain1480905
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring round20,0/16,0 mmS 925/-round1483020
    keyring round26,0/21,0 mmS 925/-round1483021
    keyring round30,0x​25,0 mmS 955/-round1483022
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants30,0x​68,0 mmS 925/-with chain1480024
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants68,0x​20,5 mmS 925/-swivel-hook with chain1480008
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    keyring pendants68,0x​26,0 mmS 925/-classic1480022

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