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Elma Red 1:9

Note: Hazardous product

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Cleaning concentrate Elma RED 1:9

Water-soluble, ammonia-containing cleaning concentrate ELMA RED 1:9 for disassembled watches and clocks. Ideal for cleaning with ultasonic devices or watch cleaning machines with rotation and vitration processes.

We recommend:
1. Elma RED 1:9 for cleaning
2. distilled water for initial rinsing
3. Suprol Spezial for main rinsing (Art.-No. 508015/ 5 litres or Art.-No. 508016/ 10 litres)


- in ultrasonic 3 - 10 min. with room temperature

- dosage 1:9

nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
Elma Red 1:9cleaning concentrateElma1 litre508003
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