e-Shop Katalog

beading tool-single

nameNo.sizeunititem No.
beading tools10.30mm1 pair502601
beading tools20.35mm1 pair502602
beading tools30.40mm1 pair502603
beading tools40.45mm1 pair502604
beading tools50.50mm1 pair502605
beading tools60.55mm1 pair502606
beading tools70.60mm1 pair502607
beading tools80.65mm1 pair502608
beading tools90.70mm1 pair502609
beading tools100.75mm1 pair502610
beading tools110.80mm1 pair502611
beading tools120.85mm1 pair502612
beading tools130.90mm1 pair502613
beading tools140.95mm1 pair502614
beading tools151.00mm1 pair502615
beading tools161.05mm1 pair502616
beading tools171.10mm1 pair502617
beading tools181.15mm1 pair502618
beading tools191.20mm1 pair502619
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