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optional equipment

Matching special equipments for your workbench for watchmakers.
  • bench top
    nameversionitem No.
    cuttingfor workbench underlays508799
  • pressure and vacuum
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    pressure-/vacuumBoleyincl. handpieces602443
    pressure-/vacuumBoleywithout handpiece602445
    pressure-/vacuumBergeonincl. handpieces602444
    stainless steel pipecurvedf. compressed air or vacuum602446
    counterweightØ 6.0 mmf. compressed air pipe602447
    counterweightØ 8.0 mmf. vacuum pipe602448
    pre-assemblywork in602432
  • vacuum changeover jet
    nameversiontypeadditionitem No.
    vacuum changeover jetsingle placeVenturi substructurewith foot switch611254
  • watchmaker's vice
    nameversionwidth of jawspanmanufactureitem No.
    vicemit Schnellverschluß45 mm35 mmBoley509425
    vicemit Schnellverschluß45 mm35 mmBergeon509424
    pre-assemblyfor plate602433
  • central locking
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    central lockingf. stack of drawerslockable602428
  • division draver
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    division draverSolid beech6 compartments602420
  • Cable conduit cover
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    coverfor cable ductwith hinge602425
  • Upstand
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    backsplashfor worktopHight 20mm602402
  • Increase of load capacity
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    increase of load capacityincrease of load capacityfrom 80 kg to 100 kg602422
  • Cleanroom foot stand
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    foot standClean Roomin U-shape602424
  • Flexbo Connect
    nameversionunititem No.
    cable exitwith brushes1 piece602541
    power socketincl. rotating lid1 piece602542
    power socket + USBincl. rotating lid1 piece602546
    Qi chargerWireless charging1 piece602545
    Connect Basic2x cable passagescomplete set602550
    Connect Basic Pluspassage + built-in socketcomplete set602551
    Connect Comfort2x passages + built-in socketcomplete set602552
  • table grommet
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    cable exitstainless steel2 pieces602427
  • board-master shelf
    namecolourL x B x Hweightitem No.
    tool shelflight grey1000 x 195 x 145 mm3350 g602092
  • armrests watchmaker's bench
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    arm restsfor watchmaker's benchBoley602093
  • arm rests universal
    nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    arm restsErgonomicBergeonNon-slip602097
  • foot rest
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    foot restinfinitely variableadjustable602455
  • protection cloth for benches
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    protecting cloth for benchesanti-statictop quality602462

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